21 Things Panthers are looking forward to in 2021

With 2020 behind us, 2021 brings the promise of positive change after a year of pandemic. InsideUNI turned to our Instagram followers and professors to learn what they hoped the new year would bring. 

Widespread COVID-19 vaccinations, walking across the McLeod Center graduation stage or getting a first apartment were among them. 

“I am looking forward to most people being vaccinated in 2021 because that will mean people in nursing homes will be able to see their families again and my students who work in nursing homes will have less COVID anxiety,” Gerontology and Family Studies Professor Elaine Eshbaugh said in an email. “I look forward to having the option of meeting with students in person again, although I am really grateful for how convenient Zoom is and will continue to use this format as well.”

Associate Professor of English Jeremy Schraffenberger encouraged us to remember what last year can teach us.

“A lot of people would like to forget 2020 — and for good reason — but I want 2021 to bring us a new sense of what this dark and challenging (and strange and dangerous and unprecedented) time has to teach us,” he said. “Specifically, I hope the coming year brings into focus the work we do in our classrooms, as students and teachers, so that we understand and remember our deep interconnectedness.”

In honor of 2021, here’s 21 things Panthers shared on social media that they hope to do in the new year

  1. Score high on MCAT
  2. Student teach and graduate
  3. Become an early childhood educator
  4. Start college and make great friends and memories
  5. Have an amazing spring semester
  6. Get good grades
  7. Find out who I am at UNI
  8. Make new friends / meet my college best friends
  9. Make lots of memories at UNI
  10. Find and complete an internship
  11. Start college at UNI
  12. Student teach, after a year of waiting, due to COVID
  13. Start 4th year of medical school as a 7 year UNI alum 
  14. Have a great junior year of high school so I can study at UNI after graduation in 2021
  15. Get into grad school at UNI!
  16. Walk across the graduation stage in McLeod
  17. Move into my first apartment!
  18. Go on new adventures
  19. Watch the Panthers in the Dome again!
  20. See UNI Athletics with the MVC and Big 12 in sports they compete in
  21. See more new faces in our Panther family!