5 things you should know about the new brand

The first comprehensive branding effort in UNI history launched this week. Here’s a quick introduction.

The goal is to help UNI shine 

In today’s crowded higher education landscape, we need to effectively share what differentiates UNI from the competition. Doing this requires us to understand who we are as an institution, what we stand for and how to make the Panther experience exceptional. 

We want UNI to stand out - to be the clear choice for all prospective students and faculty. The new brand is where all those efforts begin.

The new brand is the result of research and collaboration across campus

The conversation to establish the UNI brand began in 2018, and utilized brand perception and awareness research from approximately 3,000 constituents. This was an extremely collaborative and comprehensive project - marketers from across campus worked together to shape the new brand with input from students, employees and alumni. 

Changes big and small are coming 

For now, some of the most prominent visual changes you’ll see are the new institutional logo (the athletics logo remains) and the UNI homepage. Communications ranging from outside advertising to internal emails will also change, both in how they look and how they sound. But remember, the new brand is a framework for how we present ourselves in coming years, not a single ad campaign or new logo. 

Help is available

For a helpful overview, check out the new brand website. Many units on campus also have a brand ambassador who can help answer questions or you can email brand@uni.edu. Transitioning to the new brand will take months and while more information will be rolled out on the brand page please reach out with any questions. You can also register for education sessions on Feb. 18, Feb. 24 and March 1

The success of our new brand depends on all of us working together  

This week’s brand launch is just the start. We expect it will take as much as a year to fully transition to the new brand. Its ultimate success depends on all of us working together and reflecting the spirit of our brand.