Graduate Student and Research Assistant in the Center for Violence Prevention

Hasina Jalal

Hasina Jalal is a student in the Women and Gender Studies program. She is a Fulbright scholar from Afghanistan and is currently earning her second master's degree in Women and Gender Studies from UNI. She delivered a speech about "The Role of Bystander in Domestic Violence Prevention" at the Women's Economic Forum's Global Digital Summit this past July. She believes that her work in the Center for Violence Prevention during the summer motivated her to choose to present this topic in a global summit to an audience from over 50 countries.
Jalal's tireless efforts towards promoting gender equality, human rights, and democracy in Afghanistan were recognized with the "Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All" award at this summit. Prior to this, she has been a recipient of several regional and international awards, including the N-Peace award by the UNDP Asia Pacific office.