President Mark A. Nook recently sat down with “Iowa Press” on Iowa Public Television to discuss how the University of Northern Iowa is working to meet the academic needs of Iowa.

President Nook discusses how University of Northern Iowa graduates benefit the entire state of Iowa. Ninety percent of UNI’s enrollment are Iowa residents, with 85% taking their first job in the state of Iowa.  "Even those that are coming to us from out of state, once they graduate from UNI, 50% of them take their first job here in the state of Iowa and stay in the state of Iowa," Nook said.

UNI has always kept affordability at the center of its mission, which is why keeping tuition costs low is so crucial. Nook discusses UNI’s current tuition levels and how they are close to UNI’s peer institutions in surrounding states.

The conversation also includes why UNI is adding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, other programs of emphasis including other health care-related programs, business analytics and manufacturing and construction management programs. 

The first television broadcast of the episode will air on Iowa Public Television on Friday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m., and repeat Sunday, Dec. 4 at noon. You can watch the full episode online on the Iowa Press website and YouTube channel