UNI campus

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The Iowa Board of Regents released updated economic impact reports for the state’s three regents universities on Wednesday, highlighting their contributions to the financial well-being of our state. According to the economic impact study from Lightcast, a labor market analytics firm, the University of Northern Iowa contributed $1.6 billion in total added income for Iowa’s economy during the 2021-2022 fiscal year. 

“The University of Northern Iowa continues to serve as a vital component in Iowa’s economic engine,” said UNI President Mark Nook. “In all 99 counties across the state, UNI is helping fill Iowa’s workforce needs and so much more. The University of Northern Iowa has provided much-needed resources for the state over many generations and will continue evolving to help meet the needs of Iowa for generations to come.

"Anyone who’s investing in UNI, whether that be our students, taxpayers or our generous donors, can be confident in seeing a return that benefits the whole state.”

Among the analysis, UNI contributes to Iowa in the following ways:

  • One out of every 78 jobs in Iowa is supported by the activities of UNI and its students
  • Visitor spending accounts for $50.8 million in added income
  • UNI student and employee volunteer hours are valued at $13 million

The report also highlights the value of earning a college degree – the average bachelor’s degree graduate will see an increase in earnings of $22,700 each year compared to someone with a high school diploma working in Iowa.

Additional information about the University of Northern Iowa’s economic impact can be found online by visiting uni.edu/economic-impact


Adam Amdor