How to survive finals week: Study spot edition

Finals week is just around the corner, but warmer weather and a network of outdoor wifi access points mean students can study nearly anywhere on campus. 

InsideUNI asked students (finals week veterans all) for their favorite campus study spots. If you need more than just a great study spot, remember help is also available through the Learning Center and the Counseling Center

Summer break is just over a week away - finish strong, Panthers!

  • Lawther Field: Located at the heart of campus, Lawther Field is the perfect place to work. Spread out a blanket, snag one of the iconic purple and gold Adirondack chairs, or string up a hammock, and you’ve got the perfect study spot! There’s plenty of space for socially distanced study sessions with friends.
  • Maucker Union rooftop: The rooftop of the campus’ hub has plenty of benches, tables, and chairs. Its central location makes it a great spot to fit in a quick study break between classes. You can also head down to Chats or Essentials to grab a drink or a snack.
  • The ITTC Lounge: one of the best-kept secrets on campus is the spacious study space on the second floor of the ITTC. Situated directly above technology services, there are tables, chairs, and comfy couches to sit and get work done if the weather isn’t cooperating. 
  • Kamerick Art Courtyard: Did you know that the trees between the Kamerick Art Building, Strayer-Wood Theater, and the Communication Arts Center are the perfect distance apart for a hammock? 
  • Bender Field: Like Lawther Field, Bender Field is the perfect green space to spread out a blanket and enjoy the sunshine while getting some studying in. Its proximity to Rialto makes it easy to grab a meal before or after getting some work done. 
  • Rod Library: Rod Library’s second floor is one of the most popular study spots on campus, but there are dedicated study spaces on each floor! Head up to the fourth floor for an entirely quiet experience, or stay on the second floor to get some of the hustle and bustle of campus life. Make sure you check the noise restrictions before you decide which spot is best for you!