UNI announces fall 2018 enrollment

UNI NEWS SERVICE – The University of Northern Iowa's fall 2018 enrollment is 11,212. The total headcount is down from 11,907 from the previous fall—an anticipated decline that university officials included in the budget.

Incoming class

UNI administration has outlined key strategic initiatives and investments the campus will be implementing over the next fiscal year to help attract more students while equipping those students for success beyond UNI.

"It is imperative to the health of Iowa and our region that we ensure our students thrive on campus and carry that momentum into their careers," said Jim Wohlpart, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. "You need look no further than our retention and graduation rates to see we are indeed doing just that."

UNI realized an 83.6 percent retention rate for first-time full-time freshmen returning this fall. In addition, the four-year graduation rate of 40.6 percent is 11.1 percentage points above the expected rate when compared to peer institutions.

"Persistence to a degree at UNI is unmatched," said Matt Kroeger, associate vice president for enrollment management. "It's exciting to see that more than 95 percent of UNI graduates find success within six months of graduating, with more than 80 percent of those graduates taking their first job in Iowa. By attracting more students, we have the opportunity to help them find success in a number of unique ways and grow Iowa’s professional workforce."

The primary opportunity, new student recruitment, is of paramount focus this fiscal year and beyond. To competitively position the institution with prospective students, it is going to take the entire UNI family to lead enrollment efforts and to reach campus' five-year goal of 13,500 total students.

  • While UNI drives for 13,500 in the fall of 2023, the institution will continue to ensure the high-quality education that is a hallmark of the UNI experience.
  • UNI will find opportunities to increase its share of Iowa's recent high school graduates and Iowa transfers through community college outreach.
  • The institution also will focus on growth in non-resident undergraduate enrollment.

College and university enrollment has become much more competitive in the last few years due in part to the growing conversation about the value of higher education, in-state and out-of-state competition, and a strong local and regional economy with low unemployment rates. Members of the university community will continue to focus on providing the high-quality education students need to be successful after they graduate and enter Iowa’s professional workforce.


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