UNI, Cedar Valley Recycling partner for new mixed-recycling program

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The University of Northern Iowa has partnered with Cedar Valley Recycling & Transfer to accept mixed-recycling products from across campus. Mixed recycling means all recyclable materials – paper, cardboard, plastic and metal – can be placed in one container and will be sorted at Cedar Valley Recycling & Transfer's facility in Waterloo.   

"There is a significant savings recognized by recycling and avoiding expensive landfill fees," said Mike Zwanziger, director of UNI’s Physical Plant. "Trees and water are saved by recycling, less oil and other natural resources are used to recycle materials in lieu of using new materials, and less waste is being sent to a landfill, lessening the need to expand or open new landfills."

The blue mixed-recycling containers, which are in every UNI building, sit alongside black landfill bins that are used for food and liquids (their containers can be recycled once they’re emptied), paper towels and paper napkins. Glass can be taken to the glass recycling dumpster at the Panther Parkway Recycling station south of the McLeod Center.

"Blue is an industry-standard color to designate recycling, and black is the standard color for trash," said Zwanziger. "We are utilizing the term 'landfill' for the waste/trash containers to help people understand that there is an environmental impact." He also noted that campus recycling dumpsters will be black with a blue lid and landfill dumpsters will be all black. Labels will be placed on all dumpsters to identify their intended use.

The Princeton Review recognized UNI's sustainability-related practices, policies and offerings by naming the university to its 2016 Green Rating Honor Roll. Only 24 U.S. colleges and universities received this honor. UNI was first named to the list in 2012.

For more information about UNI's recycling program or new recycling partnership, contact Zwanziger at 319-273-7826 or michael.zwanziger@uni.edu


Mike Zwanziger, director, UNI Physical Plant, 319-273-7826, michael.zwanziger@uni.edu

Lindsay Cunningham, Office of University Relations, 319-273-2761, lindsay.cunningham@uni.edu