UNI Directing Class to present Digital Performance Festival

UNI NEWS SERVICES – Students in the UNI Department of Theatre’s Directing Class will present the first ever “TheatreUNI Digital Performance Festival" April 26 through May 8 on the TheatreUNI Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the TheatreUNI Spring 2020 10-Minute Plays performance series, students in the department of theatre’s Directing class at the University of Northern Iowa, who had each been preparing to direct a 10-minute play, pivoted their work in early April to a digital format.

Each student in the class has conceived and created a short digital performance, which will be shared via the theatre department’s social media accounts beginning late this month. A new performance will be shared each day between April 26 and May 8. As each student has complete creative control, the performances will include a wide variety of content and formats.

Theatre companies all over the world have been looking for creative ways to continue to present theatre despite the limitations of social distancing. The TheatreUNI Digital Performance Festival is one class’s contribution to keep “the lights on” and to allow students to continue their training despite the extraordinary circumstance. 

The festival was conceived and is being administered by Amy S. Osatinski, assistant professor of theatre in directing at UNI, and serves as the final project for Osatinski’s Directing course for the students enrolled. Thirteen students will take part in the festival, with one student sharing a performance each day.

Performances can be viewed via links that will be shared on the Theatre Department’s Facebook Page @TheatreUNI and Twitter account @StrayerWood.

For more information, contact Amy S. Osatinski, at 303-378-1044 or amy.osatinski@uni.edu