UNI Gallery of Art to present online exhibition 'Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art'

UNI NEWS SERVICES -- In order to continue providing exceptional educational art experiences for students and patrons and to offer an alternative for those cautious of public gatherings during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Northern Iowa Gallery of Art is proud to present an online art exhibition titled "Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art."

This International Art and Artists exhibition will be available from Monday, Aug. 24 through Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020 by way of the Gallery website at https://gallery.uni.edu.

“While most people are currently unable to travel, meet with artists face to face or interact with art in public spaces, we feel a compulsion to animate the imagination by whatever means possible,” said Darrell Taylor, director of the UNI Gallery of Art. “This presentation allows the viewer a means by which to journey to a storied location, meet dynamic artists, and encounter splendidly made and socially relevant art and ideas.”

According to the exhibition organizers, "Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art" offers a unique lens through which to view and better understand the complexities of Israel. Geography, in all its many manifestations – physical, personal, religious, political, historical, economic, among others – is an inescapable part of Israeli life, psyche and art. The exhibition includes approximately 50 works, including photographs, videos, installations, paintings, sculptures and mixed media, by 34 contemporary artists who explore contending views of history and identity, questioning relationships to, and conflicts over, place.

Although focused specifically on Israel, the topics raised by the exhibition have wide interest and applicability in the broader contemporary world. "Visions of Place" demonstrates the richness, complexity and diversity of the contemporary Israeli art landscape and, by extension, Israeli society. It provides a thought-provoking artistic experience that catalyzes important dialogue on the issues illustrated by Israel’s contemporary artists in their exploration of place.

For further questions, contact Darrell Taylor, director of the UNI Gallery of Art, at 319-273-6134 or darrell.taylor@uni.edu.



Darrell Taylor, director, UNI Gallery of Art, 319-273-6134, darrell.taylor@uni.edu

Steve Schmadeke, UNI public relations manager, 319-273-6120, steve.schmadeke@uni.edu