UNI launches virtual support group

UNI's Center for Multicultural Education

To help faculty and staff as the nation endures an extremely tumultuous time, UNI’s Chief Diversity Officer, the Center for Multicultural Education and the Counseling Center are launching a virtual support group named the Racial Healing Circle. 

“The violence we continue to see perpetrated against black and brown bodies has been horrific and has caused immeasurable trauma on communities reeling from job losses, disproportionate contraction and death rates related to COVID-19, and the polarizing political season,” said Chief Diversity Officer Gwenne Berry.  

Research shows that people of color are significantly traumatized by race-based tragedies and, naturally, take their angst and fear wherever they go, including the workplace, she said. 

The Racial Healing Circle, which will meet each Thursday from 3 p.m.- 4 p.m. starting Sept. 3, will be led by Berry, Keyah Levy, Director of the CME and Center for Gender and Sexuality Services, and mental health counselor/diversity outreach Shantila Caston.

Any faculty or staff member may attend, but the conversation will focus on racial trauma and how to cope. The meeting can be accessed here