UNI senior first out-of-state student to intern for Motion Picture & Television Fund’s ‘Night Before Oscars’ event

UNI NEWS SERVICES—University of Northern Iowa student Sharla Brunsvold will be brushing elbows with big-name celebrities this weekend, thanks to her internship with the exclusive Night Before Oscars event in Los Angeles.

Sharla Brunsvold
UNI senior Sharla Brunsvold


The event is a fundraiser for the Motion Picture & Television Fund, an organization that aims to provide support to workers in the entertainment industry. Brunsvold, a senior liberal studies major at UNI, is the first out-of-state student to be selected for the internship.


Brunsvold will help prepare for the event leading up to the big night, during which she’ll help facilitate the festivities. During the semester, Brunsvold works as an event coordinator for Maucker Union on campus, so she has experience doing the logistical work event planning calls for, although this is on a much bigger scale.


“The event itself will be an entirely different experience,” Brunsvold said. “The talent I will be able to meet at the event is unreal. The biggest names in Hollywood will attend, and I don’t believe I will truly understand how monumental this is until the event takes place.”


Brunsvold also interned with a Minneapolis event management company, where she had the opportunity to work as event staff for the 2018 Super Bowl.


“The opportunities [UNI has] given me are second to none,” she said. “They have allowed me to grow as an event coordinator and as a person.”


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