Spreading joy during a pandemic

A string of handwritten inspirational Post-it notes have mysteriously popped up across  campus.

They adorn exterior building doors, light posts, handrails and more. On Thursday morning, the notes were crumbled and damp from the morning showers, but the message during a pandemic is clear.

“You are powerful.” “Smile. You are beautiful.” “You are so loved.”

The source of the messages is unknown, but it’s possible they sprung from a wall of Post-it notes with similar messages in the Center for Multicultural Education. The project, called The Compliment Wall, was conceived by Emma Cover-Carper, a senior English and communications major who assembled the wall last Wednesday. Students can both take a compliment from the wall and leave one for other students.

“I was inspired to do it by the idea of random acts of kindness,” Cover-Carper said. “I know that one single compliment can change my whole day, so I thought that I would provide that opportunity to everyone on campus.”

Cover-Carper wasn’t sure who was spreading her idea across campus, but she was thrilled to see the concept take off.

“Everyone deserves to be inspired and complimented, so I love the idea of these notes popping up in other places around campus,” she said. “I hope that it spreads and stays around.”