UNI instructor Heath Wilken

UNI instructor's campaign supports local businesses during COVD-19


In early March, before mandated bar and restaurant closures and social distancing guidelines brought the Cedar Valley economy to a grinding halt, University of Northern Iowa business and manufacturing instructor Heath Wilken could see that the looming COVD-19 pandemic would spell trouble for local small businesses.

So, he decided to do something about it. On March 15, he started the #CedarValleyStrong movement, a social media and business outreach campaign designed to bring awareness to area small businesses and encourage local shopping.

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Added Essential eLearning Workshops for Emergency Preparedness

In response to UNI's preparedness efforts regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), workshops have been added to support a potential shift of classes to remote delivery of instruction. Added workshops focus on getting started with eLearning Suite tools essential to preparing for this shift. Learn more on the Faculty/Staff Workshop Calendar.

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