The 2021 Winter Early Founder's Program will begin on December 27. This is a 4-week program that allows students to validate, test, and grow their business concepts with the help of their peers and mentors. The program closes on Sunday, January 23 with a final workshop where students will share their business discoveries and progress in a formal presentation. 

Developing the Winter EFP is Program Assistant, Maddie Palmersheim, who reflects on the student opportunity, "Above all, the Winter EFP is a great way for students to stay connected to their peers and to their businesses. Much of the momentum from the fall wears off around this time of the year, and it is important that we give students the extra push they may need to keep working towards their goals and growth."

The Winter EFP was developed in 2020 as a spin-off of the 8-week intensive Summer Early Founder's Program that was developed in 2019. Similar to the Summer EFP, the Winter EFP features weekly group meetings, one-on-one mentoring meetings, and daily participation on Slack. While the program will not offer a stipend, the value of connectivity, mentorship, and the tools provided is enough to create a full group of student participants. 

The student businesses that have been selected for this program are:
Samantha Carpenter, Designs by Samantha (graphic design)
Anna Gilbreath, Anna Grace Creates (pottery/art)
Dylan Kurt, Ideation (mental health/tech)
Jacob Kurt, Ideation (sports/basketball)
Hailee Merryman, Ideation (apparel/fitness)
Skyler Ramsey, Teal Phoenix Real Estate (real estate/accessibility)
Fatima Rodriguez, Ideation (ecommerce/jewelry)
Emma Slagle, Honor and Respect (shoes/apparel)