ADVANCE Peer Groups -- unlock your leadership potential at one of our ADVANCE Peer Group informational meetings

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – ADVANCE IOWA, a leading provider of professional networking and development solutions, is thrilled to announce the relaunch of the ADVANCE Peer Group program that begins this fall. Designed to empower business leaders through peer-to-peer support, this initiative aims to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing and personal growth among professionals of all industries, especially in rural communities.

The ADVANCE Peer Group program offers exclusive roundtable sessions, each consisting of 8-12 carefully selected members. These roundtables serve as a platform for business leaders to connect, share experiences, exchange insights and provide valuable support to one another. Through meaningful discussions and interactive sessions, participants will have the opportunity to address challenges, explore new perspectives and gain fresh insights into their respective industries.

"We understand the power of peer support in driving personal and professional growth," said Todd Hutcheson, executive in residence for ADVANCE IOWA. "With the ADVANCE Peer Group program, we aim to create a trusted community where business leaders can form meaningful connections, seek guidance and enhance their leadership skills."

The ADVANCE Peer Group program embraces diversity and encourages participants from various industries and backgrounds to join. Whether you are an experienced executive, a business owner or a rising star in your field, the program offers a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals who share a common drive for success.

To ensure the highest quality experience, membership to the ADVANCE Peer Group program is limited. ADVANCE IOWA invites business leaders who would greatly benefit from peer-to-peer support to join and participate in the roundtable sessions. Spread the word among your network and extend an invitation to those you believe would value this exclusive opportunity.

For more information about the ADVANCE Peer Group program and membership details, visit or contact our dedicated team at or call 319-273-4344.

About ADVANCE IOWA: ADVANCE IOWA provides targeted solutions, guiding small and mid-size enterprises as they thrive, grow and succeed. Their team leads businesses successfully through transitions, shifting mindsets towards innovation and growth! They understand that each business is unique and has different needs and challenges. By engaging business leaders, they have been able to assist with transitional and strategic planning, skill development and implementation, which improve company operations and enable a business to remain within their communities.

If you or someone you know is interested, please visit our website, call 319-273-IOWA (4692) or email us at

When I gather with other business owners through the ADVANCE Iowa program, I have an opportunity to share challenges and opportunities in a private environmen. The format that never asks my peers to give advice but allows us to speak from experience or ask probing questions always leaves me better - no matter if I am asking or sharing. -Kevin M. Stutting, president, Shared IT, Inc,. participant in ADVANCE IOWA Eastern Iowa Peer Group


Adam Amdor