Chinese international student Yanting Wang is making the most of her UNI experience

Chinese international student Yanting Wang is making the most of her UNI experience

Yanting Wang is a bit busy these days. In addition to a full slate of classes, she works as an International Student Promoter, a dining assistant on campus, and is a peer ambassador for distinction at the David W. Wilson College of Business. She recently joined the accounting club, and she’s a campus driver, picking up students from the airport and taking them to campus.

For Wang, it’s about making the most of her time at UNI after transferring here last year after two years of study at China’s Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU).


I wanted to come to [the United States] to study and improve my English, and there are better job prospects,” said Wang, who is studying accounting and plans to make a career in international economics and trade. “I’m an introverted person, but I also like being positive and active, so I enjoyed joining things.

UNI and SDJU have a 2+2 agreement in place, meaning students take the first two years at their home university, then finish the final two years at the partnering institution. This gives students an affordable opportunity to earn two degrees, one at each university. 

In Shanghai, Wang made a personal connection with UNI professor Alicja Boruta-Sadkowski, who spent time overseas teaching social welfare as part of the 2+2 program. Because Wang knew she wanted to come to UNI, she picked classes taught by UNI professors when she had the chance.

Wang helped Boruta-Sadkowski translate in the class and showed her around Shanghai on the weekends. During Wang’s first week at UNI, she realized she didn’t have all the necessities, including a fan in the August heat, so Boruta-Sadkowski stopped by, gave Wang some things and helped rearrange her room. Boruta-Sadkowski continued to provide little gifts for Wang during that first semester last year to help her feel more welcome as she adjusted to her new surroundings.

“I really appreciated it, and she took me off campus to eat,” Wang said. “I’ve heard of Iowa Nice. They are very nice people.”

So far, Wang said her classes have been challenging but rewarding, and she’s taking to the culture at UNI well. In addition to all her extracurricular activities, Wang has enjoyed the sense of community on campus.

At UNI, there’s a sense of belonging,” Wang said. “There’s a sense of culture. I even like Iowa now that I’ve experienced cold.

Her favorite thing so far has been her job picking up students from the airport. She enjoys seeing the looks on their faces when they see America for the first time.

“When I pick up the students from the airport, they see America for the first time, and I’m the first person they see,” Wang said. “They appreciate that I pick them up and I bring them to campus. I really enjoy that moment.”