Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday in the country, coming in second only to Christmas. No matter your major or interests, you could find an opportunity to haunt somewhere within an industry that supports Halloween.

The National Retail Foundation (NRF) and others provide a little insight into this holiday's economic and employment impact. 

  • The average expected spending in 2020 is $92.12, up from $86.27 in 2019. While fewer people are expected to participate in Halloween festivities this year with an expected lower total sales, those who plan to participate will spend more.
  • The USDA finds that Illinois is the top pumpkin producing state, with 80% of those pumpkins processed for canning. Those Illinois farms typically grow more than 500 million pounds of pumpkins annually. Spending on carving pumpkins exceeds $370M. Yes, Iowa produces pumpkins as well, with many producers offering a Halloween experience, with hayrides, as you choose your carving pumpkin.
  • The haunted attraction industry makes between $500 and $800 million a year in ticket sales. This year, the industry is expected to hit a 31% decrease in consumers reporting they plan to attend a haunted attraction. That is scary news! Owners of haunted attractions spend more than $100 million annually on props, such as fog machines, lighting equipment, costumes, and more.
  • Candy accounts for approximately 20% of Halloween sales. Skittles is the top candy, but chocolate candy is the most popular.