Shahina Amin, Lawrence Jepson Professor of International Economics at the UNI College of Business, was the recipient of the Board of Regents’ Faculty Excellence Award this fall, which recognizes those who have made outstanding professional contributions during their careers. 

Amin has worked for UNI for more than 20 years, starting at the college in 2000. She’s also in her second term in the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession for the American Economic Association, a prestigious appointment in recognition of her contribution to the field. In addition, Amin has earned UNI's MWOne Unique Advising Award in 2021, the UNI Business Distinguished Scholarship Award in 2021, the UNI Business Faculty Teaching Award in 2012, and the UNI Business Distinguished Service Award in 2016.

This honor from the Board of Regents has given her “new confidence” that what she’s been working for during the past couple of decades has made an impact. 

“It means a lot to me,” Amin said. “I am grateful to the committee who work on this and grateful to my nominators.”

Shar Self, head of the economics department, was one of Amin’s nominators. At the end of each semester, Self is often flooded by positive student assessments. One of the most frequent comments is that Amin offers to meet 1-on-1 with every student, to help them set goals in her classes. To accommodate these sit-downs, Amin has generous office hours. 

“She holds them to a very high standard and challenges the students,” Self said. “I could not speak enough about her dedication to teaching … She has really raised the profile of our department, and by association the college and university. She clearly is the full package.” 

Beyond the classroom, Amin is lauded for her research interests. She’s been published in numerous publications focusing on child labor and gender employment issues in developing countries. She continues research on women's work and immigration issues.  

Research is beneficial in the classroom as well. Amin sometimes shares her write-ups with students to help them better understand projects or subject matter. 

“I’m very passionate about my research,” Amin said. “It’s not only about how it impacts me professionally. Above all, it also keeps me going and keeps me happy.” 

Amin is thankful for her support system, which has helped her accomplish so much. 

“I would like to thank the people that have supported me throughout my career,” Amin said. “Special thanks to my students because I believe that students are my strengths. Being a person who was not born in the US, I believe I’ve come this far because of my students. And thanks to , my husband, my son, and the letter writers for their support.”