UNI ADVANCE IOWA launches IA-CEO - the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership

UNI ADVANCE IOWA launches IA-CEO - the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership

NEWTON, Iowa – UNI ADVANCE IOWA announces the launch of the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership (IA-CEO), a groundbreaking initiative aimed to support and promote employee ownership in the state of Iowa.

By fostering a collaboration with public and private sectors, IA-CEO serves as a hub for resources, education and guidance for businesses looking to explore employee ownership models and will build economic resiliency to keep communities thriving to the benefit of all stakeholders. 

Iowa Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg was on hand to announce the launch during the Employee Ownership Conference hosted by ADVANCE IOWA at the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) campus in Newton on May 11. The event brought together business leaders, experts and professionals to explore the benefits and potential of employee ownership. 

The conference marked a significant milestone in the advancement of employee ownership in Iowa. "We are proud to support the Employee Ownership Conference and the establishment of the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership," said Paul Kinghorn, director of ADVANCE IOWA. "Employee ownership has a transformative effect on businesses, propelling innovation, fostering a sense of shared purpose and improving long-term sustainability. This conference exemplifies our commitment to assisting Iowa businesses to unlock their full potential to drive the Iowa economy forward."

With the establishment of the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership, businesses across the state can look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future. IA-CEO is committed to promoting economic prosperity and empowering businesses, workers and communities through employee ownership.

"Principal® has long championed the benefits of employee ownership. We firmly believe investing in employee ownership can enhance engagement, drive productivity, and create a culture of accountability that optimizes business success," stated Jerry Ripperger, vice president of stock plan services for Retirement and Income Solutions at Principal®, which was the title sponsor of the Employee Ownership Conference. "We are excited to be part of this conference and are proud to support the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership to help advance business growth and innovation across Iowa."

IA-CEO will be located at UNI Business & Community Services, 8120 Jennings Dr., Suite 128 in Cedar Falls. For more information on employee ownership and how it can benefit you, please contact ADVANCE IOWA at advanceiowa.com