UNI and Kirkwood Community College partner to provide new path for management students

UNI and Kirkwood Community College partner to provide new path for management students

Kirkwood and Wilson College of Business Leadership
Tamara Alt, dean of Business & IT at Kirkwood; Abbie Weipert, assistant professor at Kirkwood; Jennifer Bradley, vice president, Academic Affairs, at Kirkwood; Leslie Wilson, dean of the Wilson College of Business

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – The Wilson College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and Kirkwood Community College are pleased to announce a new articulation agreement. This new partnership connects the management program at Kirkwood Community College with all undergraduate business degrees at the Wilson College of Business. It's a great choice for students seeking education beyond a two-year degree. The agreement, which applies to students pursuing an associate of applied sciences (AAS) degree, creates a streamlined transfer process, expanded academic opportunities and a clear path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business at the Wilson College of Business.

“We’re excited to partner with Kirkwood and welcome students to UNI through this agreement,” said Elisabeth Soliz, director of the Wilson College of Business’ Office of Professional Distinction. She oversees community college relationship development for the college. “We are looking forward to supporting these students and expanding their educational opportunities here. It’s a win on all sides, for UNI, Kirkwood and the students.”

An articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two colleges plainly documenting and aligning academic programs and curriculums, providing students an opportunity to chart their secondary education pathways in ways that make most sense for them, both financially and academically.

“We're very excited about this new agreement between Kirkwood and UNI and what it means for our students,” said Kirkwood Assistant Professor of Business Administration Abbie Weipert. “It creates a seamless path for them to achieve their academic goals in pursuit of a four–year college degree at an amazing institution. The partnership will foster academic success and enable our talented Kirkwood business students to continue to follow their passion in this exciting field.”

Students who show an interest in pursuing the articulation agreement pathway will be connected with one of the Wilson College of Business advisors who work closely with Kirkwood’s faculty, making the student experience seamless.

When students decide to transfer to UNI, they will be put in touch with a UNI advisor, giving them a solid individual connection before making the move to Cedar Falls.

“We work very closely with advisors at Kirkwood, and we’re very involved in the program and how those courses transfer in,” said James Prier, academic advisor and a main point of contact between the Wilson College and the community colleges around Iowa. “My role is to work with any transfer student coming in the Wilson College of Business and help set them up for success. We think this agreement will open a lot of doors for those students.”

The Wilson College of Business has been heavily involved at the community college level, providing opportunities for students with two-year degrees. That is one of the many reasons UNI was named one of the most transfer-friendly universities in the nation.

About a third of UNI students come via transfers, showing that the campus is already an ideal place for many community college graduates. This partnership with Kirkwood Community College marks another milestone.

“I think it’s important to have these connections with Iowa’s community colleges,” Prier said. “We want to make that transfer process as smooth as possible for students because it’s an important part of not only the campus, but also the Wilson College of Business. We make a very pointed effort to work alongside our community colleges and their advisors and make sure our transfer students feel welcomed here.”