UNI’s hybrid accounting program receives innovation award

UNI’s hybrid accounting program receives innovation award

UNI accounting faculty with award

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa / ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – The University of Northern Iowa Department of Accounting has received the inaugural KPMG Accounting Program Innovation Award from the American Accounting Association, the largest community of accountants in academia. This award honors a department, program, project or individual delivering an impactful innovation that addresses a current issue in the accounting academy, as determined by a committee of accounting department heads from across the United States.

The award comes after the inaugural semester of UNI’s new hybrid accounting program, which was created to help address a shortage of accounting professionals in the Des Moines metro where posted positions for new accounting graduates exceeded the supply by over 6 to 1. 

The initiative allows placebound adult learners in central Iowa with an AAS or AA degree increased access to the expertise of UNI’s David W. Wilson College of Business, where the accounting program is regarded as one of the best in the country. The hybrid model offers the convenience of business-core and elective courses delivered online with in-person accounting courses on the DMACC Urban campus.

“[UNI’s] work to increase the accounting pipeline by eliminating barriers to entry through the UNI@DMACC program is exceptional,” the awards committee wrote in an email notifying UNI of the win.

“We are so proud to have received the Innovation in Accounting Education Award from the American Accounting Association,” said Joe Ugrin, professor and head of accounting at UNI.  “The department has not only embraced change, but set a new standard for innovation with our new hybrid accounting program in Des Moines. This accomplishment reflects the faculty’s commitment to preparing students for the dynamic future of accounting, where innovation meets tradition in the pursuit of excellence.”

“This is a really innovative program,” said student Emily Junker, who enrolled in DMACC in 2020 after years away from school. She loves that the hybrid accounting program allows her to stay close to her support system. “It’s been a unique experience because it feels like the students are in the driver’s seat. The program is just a lot more flexible, and UNI makes your journey what you want it to be.”

UNI’s Wilson College of Business is known throughout the country as a leader in accounting education. It was recognized by AccountingToday as the number three school for CPA pass rate in 2019. Its graduates are consistently a top choice among top five accounting firms and have a 100% career placement rate. With the support of Big Four Accounting Firm KPMG and EMC Insurance, UNI is able to keep this program accessible and affordable for students.  

Learn more about the hybrid accounting program at online.uni.edu/accounting.

KPMG Accounting Program Innovation Award