Community celebrates Panthers on Parade project

Community celebrates Panthers on Parade project

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People taking photos with Panthers on Parade sculpture


With Panthers on Parade statues now appearing across the Cedar Valley, a culmination of months of work by artists, organizers and sponsors is beginning to reward the community and beyond. 

President Mark and Cheryl Nook with artist at Panthers on Parade reception

UNI President Mark Nook is ecstatic to see this project come to life.

“I am excited to see all of the TC’s and what the artists have done to represent both the university, this community and the area businesses,” he stated as he continued to highlight the true reach of this project. “What a great opportunity to showcase the Cedar Valley and Cedar Falls especially, and the University of Northern Iowa. It's always great to see TC.” 

Project leader Jennifer Pickar of the Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitor Bureau shares the feelings of joy and excitement as the project officially enters the community. “This is just so cool for Cedar Falls and UNI, what a great partnership!”

Pickar and her team aligned sponsors from the Cedar Falls business community with the artists behind each of the 26 new TC fiberglass statues including Hy-Vee, The Falls Aquatic Center and Hansen’s Dairy. 

Check out all the TC Statues and their sponsors 

Many sponsors are eagerly anticipating all of the great artwork that now resides in and near their businesses, noting the different flair and flavor in each of the statues across the Cedar Valley.

Angie Dark, marketing director at sponsoring company Martin Bros. Distributing Co., articulated that she is most excited to “see what the artistic craft is of all the people that are involved.” 

Artists like Bret Miller of Waterloo, who produced “Fang,” sponsored by GreenState Credit Union were integral to the success of this project. Miller is a 1999 graduate of the university, and finds the project especially meaningful as he met his wife at UNI. 

“People have already told me they plan to get out to the various locations with their families to see them all,” remarked Miller, highlighting the community’s involvement in recognizing the artists, their work, the university and the city.

Kelly Dunn, At Large City Council Member for the City of Cedar Falls joins many community members in highlighting what this project brings to residents and visitors in the Cedar Valley.

Artist Bret Miller enters McLeod Center for Panthers on Parade reception

“I'm really excited to get on my bike and find all the TCs in the Cedar Valley,” she said. Her remarks show the true connection being formed between the Cedar Valley community, and the University of Northern Iowa. 

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Other community members, like Chris Schoentag, City of Cedar Falls Recreations and Programs Supervisor, are eager to encounter each statue. 

“We're excited to see what the one for the Cedar Falls Aquatic Center looks like and just all of them in general. There's so many to see, and a wide variety to look at,” he said. 

The coming weeks and months give opportunity to the community to get out and explore! With the Cedar Falls Tourism & Visitor Bureau creating a full map, tour book, and using the Goosechase app to assist and enhance the journey of visiting each TC.

There is truly an activity for everyone in town associated with Panthers on Parade. Whether it be admiring a TC as you walk into a restaurant for dinner or stopping in at the Cedar Falls Visitor Center to get a tour book. You just may find yourself filling out trivia, snapping selfies, and striking a pose with the Goosechase app at some point this summer. 

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