Why I Got Vaccinated at UNI

Why I Got Vaccinated at UNI

More than 1,000 students, faculty and staff have been vaccinated on campus in the last few weeks. InsideUNI asked a few who become fully vaccinated this week why they did it. 


UNI student portrait

Summer Williams

Sophomore psychology major

“There’s a lot of people who can’t get vaccinated and I want to be able to help them.  I have family members who are in chemotherapy, there's no way they could get a vaccination. They rely on others who do get vaccinated to be healthy.

I felt like I should do my part. I know that the more people that get vaccinated, the more effective it will be.”


UNI faculty portrait

Kwame Amoah

Associate professor of construction management

"Well, I mean, looking at what's going on around the world, we all know is not safe. So if something can hold COVID-19 back a little bit, I mean, why not? If everybody got vaccinated at least we can be assured of moving around safely, hopefully without a mask. 

I live with people, I teach as well. I just want everyone to be protected." 


UNI students portraits


(Sisters) Hannah Sokol & Abigail Sokol

Senior psychology major & First-year elementary education major

Hannah: “I'm just trying to keep everyone safe and keep ourselves safe. And just trying to get the university back to normal so that we can go to class and see our professors on a daily basis.

I think it'll just give me a little bit more peace about being around so many people. We never stopped working. Especially through March and through April of last year, that was really hard and stressful. So now it just feels good to be a part of our society becoming vaccinated from a whole pandemic."

Abigail: "I feel like if we can do anything to help keep those around us safe, we're doing it. It's not costing us anything. 

And I feel like being able to tell our friends that we're fully vaccinated and that we're still doing fine, that'll encourage them that it’s safe to go get vaccinated as well."