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WATCH: See how a speech pathology degree from UNI prepares you for success!

WATCH: See how a speech pathology degree from UNI prepares you for success!

Get an up-close look at the speecj pathology major at the University of Northern Iowa by hearing from student Deepthy Nair about her experiences.
Headshot of Veena Kallambettu.

Speech pathology alum’s work with cancer patients wins national award

UNI alum Veena Kallambettu, was the sole winner of the 2021 Louis M. DiCarlo Award for the development of clinical programs to improve speech outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer.
A new infant simulator for UNI students to use in their class work.

Next generation learning

The UNI Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has welcomed a new addition to their department: baby “Paul.”

Weighing just under two and a half pounds, “Paul” is a preterm infant born at 27 weeks. He has a pulse, real hair, and can breathe and cry.

Paul is not a real infant, though, but rather a top-of-the-line high emotion simulator that students in the department will soon begin using for classwork.

Associate professor Laura Pitts works with a UNI students.

Giving a voice to those in need

Speech and communication are some of the most basic functions in our everyday lives – and they come so naturally to most, it’s easy to take them for granted.

But what if you weren’t able to communicate, or express your thoughts and ideas effectively? It would be frustrating, and even frightening – and that’s an everyday reality for the millions of people living with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and dementia.

UNI students research swallowing disorders.

Making it easier to swallow

Swallowing can be something we take for granted. We do it without thought. But for someone suffering from dysphagia, which is the medical term for a difficulty with swallowing, this seemingly simple task is actually an intricate dance between the many nerves and muscles that coordinate eating and breathing. A misstep can be the difference between life and death. For these individuals, UNI is there to help.