Adam and Darcy Nidey standing in front of a school bus

UNI education alums bring summer adventures to Des Moines students

Even as teachers, UNI alums Darcy and Adam Nidey don't know how to slow down in the summer. Their days are spent running Day Camp Adventures for 400 kids.
Jackson Twait on American Ninja Warrior

From UNI to Ninja U and TV’s “American Ninja Warrior”

Many of the athletes featured on "American Ninja Warrior" have something in common: they train at Ninja U, which is owned and operated by two UNI alums.
samp prophet

Q&A with physics alum Sam Prophet

He is currently a systems engineer at NASA and is working on the Artemis program.
Jason Bradford

Late UNI alum challenges his disability through published poetry

One of the North American Review Press' most recent publications is "Stellaphasia," a collection of poems by late UNI alum Jason Bradford.
Brittni Donaldson with a basketball

UNI alum Brittni Donaldson becomes first female coach in Atlanta Hawks history

UNI women’s basketball alum Brittni Donaldson has been hired as an assistant coach with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.
Nick Nurse

UNI alum Nick Nurse named head coach of Philadelphia 76ers

Former UNI men’s basketball guard Nick Nurse was announced as the head coach of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers on June 1, 2023.
Deb Vangellow

UNI alum Deb Vangellow honored by LPGA for giving back to the sport of golf

University of Northern Iowa alum Deb Vangellow has been named the recipient of the 2023 Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award.
Austin Pehl

From Panther basketball to business, teamwork is Austin Pehl’s secret to success

UNI helped pave the wave for one-time student athlete Austin Pehl to find success at an architecture firm.