How one Iowa company discovered thousands of dollars in energy savings

How one Iowa company discovered thousands of dollars in energy savings

Iowa Company Discovers Thousands of Dollars in Energy Savings

Energy efficiency plays a crucial role by reducing the amount of energy consumed. For businesses like Bodensteiner Implement Company, this translates to a decrease in their environmental impact from energy generation and a substantial reduction in their energy costs.

Bodensteiner Implement Company is a family-owned corporation founded in 1982. The company operates 10 John Deere retail locations serving 12 neigh-
boring counties in Northeast Iowa.

In August 2022, they took advantage of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) Iowa Energy Efficiency Program for Rural Small Businesses. This program is designed to assist small businesses seeking to improve their bottom line by reducing energy consumption. For Bodensteiner, engagement in the process took a minimal amount of time.

Associate Director Dan Nickey scheduled assessments with facility managers at every location once the contact was established. The evaluation took only one to one-and-a-half hours, after a tour by the facility manager.

Three main areas were evaluated during a standard energy assessment: compressed air, lighting and building envelope. An ultrasonic leak detector is used to assess compressed air to identify any leaks in the compressor or hoses. If a leak is discovered, it is tagged, numbered and size (in decibels) is noted. The lighting assessment determines if LED light bulbs are being used, and if not, projected savings are estimated based on switching to LED lighting. Lastly, the building envelope assessment involves using thermal imaging to detect energy loss in facilities that use heating and cooling systems, such as through unsealed doors or windows.

“Implement dealers are an ideal candidate for these free energy assessments,” says Nickey. “The evaluation doesn’t take long and more importantly, doesn’t require a large commitment from the facility’s manager.”

After the completion of the assessment, the results, recommendations and estimated cost savings were compiled into a report provided to Bodensteiner approximately three weeks post-assessment.

The audit evaluated 10 Bodensteiner Implement Co. locations with the aim of reducing energy costs. The assessment revealed that switching to LED lighting at two locations could save the company $2,325 annually.

During the compressed air assessment, Dan Nickey identified and fixed 73 leaks, with the smallest costing $75 annually and the largest costing a whopping $1,415 annually. By implementing all recommendations, including fixing the leaks and switching to LED lighting, Bodensteiner Implement Co. was projected to save $39,168 annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 585,579 lbs of CO2, 981 lbs of NO, and 2,018 lbs of SO2. The company was pleased with the results and proud to contribute to protecting the environment while also saving money.

As the Bodensteiner Implement Co. example demonstrated, there can be substantial monetary benefits to contacting the IWRC to get an energy assessment for your Iowa small business. Thanks to a grant from the Iowa Energy Office, the assessment is conducted at no cost to businesses employing fewer than 100 people per facility in Iowa. The ultimate goal is to reduce Iowa’s energy consumption by making Iowa small businesses more energy efficient.

In the four years that the IWRC has been conducting free energy assessments, a small business has been able to see a 10% reduction in energy consumption resulting in an average savings of $3,400 per year. Bodensteiner Implement Co., now has the opportunity to save thousands in yearly energy costs.