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Investing with a Cause

Investment decision-making has long revolved around two key factors: returns and profits. But during the past couple of decades, additional factors have begun to influence those decisions. Due to the rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, many now use a socially-conscious set of guidelines to pick potential investments.
Curris Business Building

Take a tour of Curris Business Building with student-athlete Jack Sumners

Jack Sumners is a fifth-year senior economics major at the University of Northern Iowa and an international student from Great Britain. A student-athlete, he is also a sprinter on the UNI Track & Field team. 
FBC Conference

Family businesses play a vital role in Iowa's economy

Tony Simmons, former President and CEO of McIlhenny Company, showed up in Des Moines and ‘kicked it up a notch’ at the second annual Iowa Family Business Conference presented by the University of Northern Iowa Family Business Center. The event featured a keynote address from Simmons about his time growing up in and leading McIlhenny Company. He might be from Avery Island, Louisiana, but his story focused on what we know all too well in Iowa: family businesses are different.
Mary Connerley, President Nook and Farzad Moussavi

From UNI to Shanghai and back again

The University of Northern Iowa’s impact stretches across the globe. Recently, a delegation from UNI, including President Mark Nook, visited Shanghai, China, to strengthen existing partnerships between UNI and local universities. 
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ESOPS provide a business boost for owners and employees

How can businesses better engage and retain employees? How can they boost productivity while providing fulfilling job experiences? These are age-old questions leaders face, and one unique solution some have turned to is giving employees a direct stake in the company through Employee Stock Ownership Plans, or ESOPs.
Students learning about financial literacy in classroom

Iowa Insurance Division provides new support for UNI's statewide financial literacy program

The Iowa Insurance Division has made a new donation of $45,500 to support high school students in paying for college credit through the financial literacy exam. This exam is administered as part of the University of Northern Iowa's Financial Skills for Smart Living program, which aims to provide students with college credits and essential knowledge in personal finance.
Football on field

Cliché has merit

“It’s all about the money!” Sports fans probably recently read or heard sportswriters and commentators employ this “hoary chestnut” (a phrase that is itself a cliché) in the wake of the collapse of the venerable Pacific-12 conference. For once, a cliché is apt. The scramble for desirable Pac-12 teams (sorry, Oregon State and Washington State fans) was all about the money.
Iowa Company Discovers Thousands of Dollars in Energy Savings

How one Iowa company discovered thousands of dollars in energy savings

Energy efficiency plays a crucial role by reducing the amount of energy consumed. For businesses like Bodensteiner Implement Company, this translates to a decrease in their environmental impact from energy generation and a substantial reduction in their energy costs.