UNI Overseas Teaching Fair connects educators to schools around the world

UNI Overseas Teaching Fair connects educators to schools around the world

Event attracts 60+ international schools from more than 30 countries each year

UNI Overseas Teaching Fair

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – University of Northern Iowa’s Overseas Teaching Services will host the world’s oldest in-person international recruitment fair this weekend – the UNI Overseas Teaching Fair is a fast-paced, exciting event that provides face-to-face opportunities for networking and hiring. The annual event, held at Bien VenU Event Center in Cedar Falls, attracts more than 60 international K-12 schools, representing over 30 different countries, to connect with teachers and administrators from across the United States.

“The UNI Overseas Teaching Fair is a unique and fun event to connect the field of education across the world,” said organizer Kayla Bedard, assistant director of education and events with UNI Career Services. “It is amazing to hear the stories and see the excitement. Teachers are using their licenses to explore and educate across the globe.”

The Overseas Teaching Fair began in 1976 after the UNI Career Services staff and several school headmasters recognized the need for more efficient and cost-effective recruitment techniques. It became readily apparent that UNI was meeting a need for school recruiters and interested educators all over the globe. 

In addition to inventing the international recruitment fair, UNI developed fact sheets, credential files, vacancy listings, referral services and computerized data unique to the international market. UNI continues to offer an in-house database in addition to the fair.

Since the first event, more than 32,000 educators have utilized nonprofit services at UNI.