Public health majors introduce fresh produce to elementary school students
May 25, 2022

Public health majors in partnership with CEEE win big with Farm to School program

For seven years, UNI public health majors have been educating elementary school students about fresh produce. This Farm to School program earned a recent award.

Teacher in front of line of students
May 24, 2022

Why Becoming a Teacher Could Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

At UNI, we believe choosing to become a teacher could be your best decision yet. Hear from our teacher alumni on why they're happy they made the decision.

Alexis Moller
Apr 19, 2022

Future educator tops off legacy at UNI with Lux Service Award

Alexis Moller is a graduating senior who's confident of the legacy of passion and kindness she's left at UNI. And it's culminated with a Lux Service Award.