Meet the members of UNI’s nursing faculty

Meet the members of UNI’s nursing faculty

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Carrie Hollerud helps student examine patient

The University of Northern Iowa is eagerly anticipating the launch of our new Bachelors of Science in Nursing within the Department of Nursing & Public Health at UNI. Behind the success of this program stand our dedicated nursing faculty members.

Among them is Carrie Hollerud MSN, RN, who embodies pride in nursing and the vital role of nurse educators. “Nurses are the most trusted professionals in the United States and we, as nurses, are proud of that,” she emphasized.

Hollerud joined UNI in July 2023 as the Academic Coordinator of Nursing Education for the new program. 

Jimmy Reyes helps student examine simulated patient

The upcoming nursing program faculty at UNI is excited to instill pride in students for their skills, abilities, and career prospects. Faculty member Jimmy A Reyes, PhD, DNP, AGNP, RN, FRE, is enthusiastic about offering students an education that fosters confidence as they embark on careers globally.

“We can build a nursing program that not only equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to excel in their careers but also empowers them to be compassionate advocates for health equity and social justice,” explained Reyes, Assistant Professor of Practice. At UNI, nursing students will benefit from innovative teaching approaches and cutting-edge curriculum as they pursue their BSN. Gina Holman, MSN, Clinical Assistant Professor, is thrilled to provide students with this exceptional opportunity.

“The BSN program allows the faculty to incorporate evidence-based practice in hands-on technologies and teaching methods in the curriculum to ensure the students receive a high-quality education,” remarked Holman.

With a focus on patient-centered care and practical experience, our faculty eagerly anticipate welcoming the first cohort of students in fall 2024. Clinical Assistant Professor Natalie Nedza, MSN, RN, brings a wealth of experience from the emergency department, neuro-trauma, and nursing leadership to guide students on their educational journey. Each day, nurses change lives. With the help of the upcoming nursing degree, UNI students will have the opportunity to join the profession that never stops making an impact

“Nursing is a gift, an opportunity to change a life. Being part of the UNI BSN program is an honor,” said professor Natalie Nedza.

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