If you’re hoping to pursue a career in physical therapy, majoring in movement and exercise science at the University of Northern Iowa should be your first step. This is the most popular degree for physical therapy in the country.

Abe Silva Cortes is a UNI student who took his passion for sports and interest in the medical field and turned it into a pursuit of working in physical therapy. As a high schooler, he toured colleges and universities and decided the University of Northern Iowa felt right with its walkability and small-sized classes. 

“UNI has been preparing me very well,” said Abe. “There’s internship opportunities and minors that can only benefit you more when you’re out in your career.”

Physical therapy isn’t your only career choice if you choose to major in movement and exercise science. This degree will also prepare you for a career in occupational therapy, fitness or coaching if one of these fields better aligns with your goals. You’ll have lots of options!

When you’re pursuing a degree for physical therapy like movement and exercise science, the learning environment makes a huge difference. At UNI, you get to work in state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. You’ll be led by professors who are happy to have you and who want to see you succeed.

Physical therapists are in high demand, and UNI graduates consistently have some of the highest placement rates for physical therapy programs in the nation. One major reason for the success of the program is the undergraduate research opportunities. You’ll be able to publish your undergraduate research while acquiring skills that look good on your resume and prepare you for your future career. 

Choose movement and exercise science at the University of Northern Iowa as your degree for physical therapy or other in-demand career opportunities.