Want an in-demand career that will enable you to help others in rewarding ways? A speech pathology degree from the University of Northern Iowa will put you on the path to success, just like it’s done for Deepthy Nair.

When Deepthy realized helping people talk and communicate could greatly improve their quality of life, she knew she wanted to pursue a speech language pathology degree at UNI. And, the fact that she would have the opportunity to work with clients as an undergrad made UNI the perfect choice.

“A unique thing about UNI is that when you’re in the undergrad program, you get to observe clients and do therapy with our grad students,” she said. “Everyday we have clients that come in, so we do have a lot of opportunities working with real people and real clients who have real problems.”

As an undergrad working toward a speech pathology degree, getting hands-on experience observing real-life clients and providing solutions starts at the undergraduate level. You’ll be educated on a wide variety of swallowing and speech disorders, and you’ll always have access to state-of-the-art equipment. This means you can start sharpening your skills and know you’re on the right path before completing your bachelor’s degree!

It’s no wonder speech language pathology at the University of Northern Iowa is a nationally ranked program. Whether they go on to get their master’s at UNI or somewhere else, UNI speech pathology graduates enjoy 100% grad school placement. With the exception of students who choose to delay employment, the job placement rate for graduates with a speech pathology degree from UNI is also an impressive 100%!

A communication sciences and disorders degree from the University of Northern Iowa will set you up for success. Don’t wait to chase your dreams at the University of Northern Iowa. Your speech pathology degree is waiting!