WATCH: See how a psychology major at UNI can put you on the path to helping others

WATCH: See how a psychology major at UNI can put you on the path to helping others

Pursuing a psychology major at the University of Northern Iowa can open up all kinds of exciting opportunities! That’s what April Vande Voort found when she chose to pursue a psychology degree at UNI.

When she first came to UNI, Vande Voort had no idea what she wanted to study. An introductory course in psychology piqued her interest and ultimately led her to declare a psychology major so she could  pursue a career where she could help others.

Even before coming to the University of Northern Iowa, she heard many good things about the strong academics and extracurricular activities. One of her favorite things about becoming a UNI student is the smaller class sizes that have made it easy to get to know her professors. As she looks ahead to grad school, she’s appreciated the way that faculty members have helped her narrow down her options.

“I really like the class sizes here at UNI, because even though it’s a bigger university and psychology is a bigger program, it feels smaller so you feel like you can really get to know your professors and your classmates,” she said. “My psychology professors are always available to talk to me and they are really easy to communicate with. They have really helped me look to the future and figure out what I want to do.”

While Vande Voort hopes to enter human resources, you might be interested in some of the other career opportunities made possible with a psychology degree, including industrial-organizational psychology and mental health counseling. The field is vast! 

The psychology program at UNI gives you options for earning unique certificates to further enhance your knowledge, such as one in military psychology and another in industrial-organization psychology. Even as an undergraduate student with a psychology major, UNI allows you to delve into hands-on research projects alongside expert faculty members. The UNI Psychology Club is another way to connect with your classmates and what you’re learning in class in an even deeper way.