If you’ve ever wondered “what should I major in to be a dentist,” the answer is biology! This pre-dental degree will put you on the path to success in dental school and beyond, just like it’s done for Sergio Suarez at the University of Northern Iowa.

The fact that Sergio never feared going to the dentist as a child maybe should have been an early indicator of his career path. It wasn’t until Sergio shadowed a dentist as a high school senior that he decided he wanted to pursue a degree in dentistry and become a dentist. Working as a dental assistant has further solidified he’s on the right track. He loves helping others through his work!

When the time came for Sergio to pick a pre-dental degree, he chose biology at UNI, knowing that UNI students were set up for success in dental school. In 2020, UNI had a 90% admission rate to dental schools for biology majors, making UNI one of the best pre-dental programs around.

“In the Pre-Dental Club at UNI, we mainly focus on how to improve our application for dental school and how to prepare for the dental admission test,” said Sergio. “They really gave me a lot of tips and advice on how to accomplish that and be successful in that.”

When pursuing a pre-dental degree, you’ll have opportunities to conduct hands-on research that will set you apart from your peers going through other pre-dental degree programs. The smaller class sizes at UNI are crucial to the success of our students. It’s easy to get to know your professors and all of your classmates, which makes it easier to find support when you need it.

When you’re looking for the best pre-dental programs, make sure you check out the University of Northern Iowa. Learn more about the pre-dental program today!