women run stem photo
Mar 28, 2022

Two UNI alums featured in national Women in STEM exhibit

In honor of Women’s History Month, a new exhibit to celebrate Women in STEM is on display at the National Mall in Washington DC. 

Out of 120 women featured in the exhibit, two of the women are graduates of UNI – both hailing from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Dr. Jennifer Stimpson (Chemistry M.A., 1996) and Dr. Raychelle Burks (Chemistry B.S., 2001).

UNI alum Cassandra Hayne overcame cancer to become a biochemist.
Oct 22, 2021

After overcoming rare cancer, UNI alum wins prestigious fellowship

Cassandra Hayne (‘11) overcame a rare jaw cancer and years of reconstructive surgeries to achieve her goal of becoming a biochemist.

A UNI alum
Sep 23, 2021

UNI alum helping produce COVID-stopping drug

Named one of America’s top young chemists, UNI Alum Patrick Fier leverages his research expertise to lead Merck’s efforts to produce a COVID-stopping drug.

UNI students explore Wind Cave National Park
Nov 18, 2020

The discovery of a lifetime

Led by nothing more than the soft glow of their lanterns, a crew of students from the University of Northern Iowa trek into the winding depths of Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota.  Working their way through miles of passageways several hundred feet underground, the air is thick, musty and completely still. Inside the caverns, the dense walls stifle any sound, and seem to absorb the light, leading to an eerie, silent darkness throughout. It feels like exploring a different planet — one that’s completely devoid of any signs of life. But in this space, the students make a...