If you have a knack for problem-solving and you’re always up for a new challenge, a computer science degree may be the perfect avenue that connects with your passions and your skills. This is exactly why Tyler Michalicek is a computer science major at the University of Northern Iowa.

The comprehensive nature of computer science education at UNI was one of the reasons Tyler was drawn to the program. Even though he came to the University of Northern Iowa with some programming abilities, Tyler quickly realized how much he still had to learn. Luckily, he has had ample opportunities to enhance his abilities and grow his confidence.

“Here at UNI, we’re provided a lot of opportunities between classroom instruction and hands-on activities where we get to work in the Embedded Systems Lab and really get our hands dirty with some programming and higher-level work,” said Tyler. 

One of the unique aspects of UNI’s computer science degree program is the opportunity to work in the Real-Time Embedded Systems Lab. This lab educates computer science majors on software that’s embedded in drones, model trains and other devices. It provides real-world experience that’s as educational as it is exciting! It also helps students see that computer science can be so much more than sitting behind a desk all day, typing at a keyboard.

When working toward a computer science degree at the University of Northern Iowa, you’ll have two options: the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The BA gives you more flexibility to double major or add a minor, but the BS program provides broader and deeper coverage of computer science. No matter what route you choose, a computer science education at UNI will prepare you to succeed in a growing, in-demand profession. 

Your most exciting challenge yet awaits when you enroll in the computer science degree program at the University of Northern Iowa!