UNI ScholarWorks has reached 5 MILLION global downloads!

UNI ScholarWorks has reached 5 MILLION global downloads!

Imagine your research being used and read all over the world. Since its creation in 2015, UNI ScholarWorks has made that dream a reality for countless students, faculty, and staff. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce that ScholarWorks has reached a remarkable milestone: 5 million global downloads! This figure reflects the impact of UNI's scholarship and ScholarWorks' role in empowering minds across the globe. 

UNI ScholarWorks has a wide variety of pieces, from theses and dissertations to image galleries and music. Content hosted within ScholarWorks is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Many universities around the world and state government agencies utilize it each day. But, many of the downloads come from our local campus community. 

Here is how each of the colleges within UNI have contributed to this achievement: 

  • From the Wilson College of Business, over 378,000 downloads depict innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit. The top title, "Factors Affecting Economic Growth in Developing Countries" has received nearly 75,000 downloads.
  • The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences has gained over 509,000 downloads, deepening the human experience. A dissertation by Psychology alum Chelsae R. Huot on the infantilization of women through language is the most downloaded CSBS publication.
  • 760,000 downloads from the College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences speak volumes about human expression and understanding. "Duality in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The picture of Dorian Gray, and 'Dionea'" has amassed nearly 50,000 downloads, making it the top choice within CHAS.
  • The College of Education boasts 1.7 million downloads, equipping educators with valuable resources, one download at a time. Within the COE and Graduate College, a graduate research paper, "The effects of blended learning on K-12th grade students," is currently the top work with over 68,000 total downloads.
  • And finally, the Graduate College shines with 2.4 million downloads, showcasing the culmination of years of dedicated research. 

This milestone belongs to all of us: students who poured their hearts into their projects, faculty who contributed their publications, and staff who ensured our scholarship was accessible. It's a victory for open access, the democratization of knowledge, and the power of UNI to make a global impact.