WATCH: See how hands-on experiences set UNI athletic training majors apart

WATCH: See how hands-on experiences set UNI athletic training majors apart

An athletic training major is the perfect path for sports fanatics who want a career where they can help others. Jayden VandeNoord is on his path to obtaining his degree in athletic training and rehabilitation studies from the University of Northern Iowa right now. 

Jayden first started thinking about pursuing an athletic training degree when he was in high school. A friend of his was injured and unable to play football for the rest of the season. The experience made Jayden want to help others rehab from sports injuries and hopefully help prevent some injuries from happening in the first place. 

“I have an opportunity to do observation hours throughout my semester,” said Jayden. I had one observational experience in Waterloo with someone who has years of experience in athletic training, and he taught me a lot of things about stuff you don’t learn in the classroom. So the opportunity that UNI provides is just really awesome, and it helps me expand my knowledge.”

Through classroom work and hands-on experiences as an athletic training major, Jayden knows he’s set up for success in graduate school and beyond. 

While Jayden is interested in becoming an athletic trainer, the athletic training and rehabilitation studies major can open up doors to other careers as well. You might be interested in using your athletic training major to become a physical therapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor, physician assistant or even a physician. Each of these careers is an in-demand health-related profession that will allow you to help others. 

If you do want to become an athletic trainer, you can earn your national certification in UNI’s Master of Athletic Training program. UNI even offers a 3+2 option so you can complete your athletic training degree in just five years!

Take the first step toward a fulfilling health profession by discovering all the University of Northern Iowa’s athletic training major has to offer.