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Innovating Responsibly: The Role of Ethics in Business Innovation

Innovation is happening at a never-before-seen pace. While there’s a rush toward something new and exciting, the role of ethics in the decision-making process can take a back seat and be undervalued, leaving businesses open to risk.
Holly and David Wilson

David W. Wilson pledges $25 million donation to University of Northern Iowa

A historic gift to the University of Northern Iowa will mark a new chapter in the university’s renowned business college. 
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Cliché has merit

“It’s all about the money!” Sports fans probably recently read or heard sportswriters and commentators employ this “hoary chestnut” (a phrase that is itself a cliché) in the wake of the collapse of the venerable Pacific-12 conference. For once, a cliché is apt. The scramble for desirable Pac-12 teams (sorry, Oregon State and Washington State fans) was all about the money.
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Country-Western Song Makes No Sense In Japan

Johnny Paycheck’s song, “Take This Job and Shove It,” expresses a fundamental human right in the United States. Many workers fantasize about the day they can use Paycheck’s song title in confronting their boss. Yes, it is a rude and crude sentiment, but it is an American right.
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People, planet, profit and purpose: Business beyond shareholders

Milton Friedman advocated profit-focused business responsibility, while John Elkington introduced the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). Today, businesses prioritize stakeholders' well-being, environmental impact, profit, and purpose-driven initiatives. Corporate social responsibility attracts customers and recruits socially conscious employees.
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Generational Stereotypes Poor Predictor

For years defining and pigeon-holing generations has been a cottage industry. Some pundits have pitted generation against generation, including the condescending dismissal expressed by some contemporary young people: “Okay, Boomer.”
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The Bots Are Coming! (For Your Job)

Suppose you just graduated from UNI with a degree in marketing. You’ve converted your summer internship into a permanent sales job. Congratulations. A few years into your job, however, you start noticing prospectuses regarding robots. 
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"Empty Boxes" of Valentine's Day Candies

I’ve never watched Tom Hanks in the movie Forrest Gump. I have heard his famous line about life resembling a box of chocolates and never knowing what you are going to get. A local television station ran a story exposing the increasing amount of plastic in boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

What if... We revised the business school curriculum?

I attended Texas Christian University as an undergraduate accounting major in the early to mid 1970s.  I then got an MBA and PhD in business-related fields, and began my teaching career in 2000.  Now, nearly 50 years later, I am thinking about what we do in our business schools across the USA.  Clearly, nothing much has changed in the last half century that would impact business education—sorry, just being a bit sarcastic there!  On the contrary, the past 50 years have seen unprecedented change in nearly every aspect of our lives.
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What if... We got serious about preparing for the future?

As my wife and I contemplate our 68th birthdays, we are increasingly thinking about what we plan to do for our remaining years, and the world we will leave our sons and daughter; even more to the point, what kind of world our 21-month-old grandson will grow up to see.  Because I teach strategy and business ethics courses, I naturally relate national and world issues to a business context.  As I look at the biggest problems facing us now, two related points stand out to me:  1) Business, writ large, is a (perhaps the) large contributor to those issues, and 2)  It is most likely our best chance…