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Two men walking in Daryl Smith Prairie

University of Northern Iowa to celebrate 50 years of prairie during Iowa Prairie Heritage Week

Join the Tallgrass Prairie Center and the University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Biology to celebrate 50 years of prairie at UNI. 
Bethany Van Dusseldorp in front of her research

Taking a closer look

UNI biology student Bethany Van Dusseldorp tackled a unique research project that meets at the intersection of art and science.
Gretchen Steffensmeier in the field collecting research.

Biology graduate student journeys 7,200 miles across rural Iowa to help expand natural vegetation

Gretchen Steffensmeier is on a mission across Iowa’s farmland as part of a federally-funded conservation research program. 
UNI is first in the world with newest synthetic human anatomy models, offering students opportunities for hands on learning

UNI is first in the world with newest synthetic human anatomy models, offering students opportunities for hands-on learning

UNI was the first school in Iowa, and one of the first in the nation, to use synthetic cadavers - also known as  syndavers - in its classrooms, and has since become a model for other institutions across the state when it comes to integrating the use of syndavers into its programs.
Pre-dental student

WATCH: See how a pre-dental degree from UNI prepares you for dental school

The pre-dental degree of choice at the University of Northern Iowa is biology. Hear from student Sergio Suarez about his experiences in the program.
UNI alum Cassandra Hayne overcame cancer to become a biochemist.

After overcoming rare cancer, UNI alum wins prestigious fellowship

Cassandra Hayne (‘11) overcame a rare jaw cancer and years of reconstructive surgeries to achieve her goal of becoming a biochemist.
Preserving a lifetime of research

Preserving a lifetime of research

A group of UNI students is curating a collection of preserved crabs for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City that will help future researchers study the species and the human impacts on its habitat.
UNI students in the field.

Saving a species

As the ice gave way below his feet and plunged Jeff Tamplin into the frigid waters of the Cedar River, one thought flashed through his head: I’m going to die.


Micro Scans, Big Opportunities

Imagine you could see right through an animal. You could examine its bones, or the way the muscles are structured, and see the wispy veins and arteries flowing through the animal right before you.

UNI student Abby Weekly

UNI biology major finds opportunity in remote research

More than 100 million adults in the U.S. suffer from hypertension, or, high blood pressure, and in recent years, nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. were directly or indirectly caused by the condition.

Abby Weekley, a senior biology major at the University of Northern Iowa, is hoping to change that through her work with UNI alum Dr. Bob Good. Weekley and Good are collaborating on a research project to study how much young people between the ages of 18-25 know about hypertension.