UNI's voter turnout campaign.
Nov 05, 2019

UNI notches top voter turnout in Iowa public universities

The University of Northern Iowa posted the highest voter turnout of any public university in the state in 2018, validating a concerted effort by faculty and students to increase turnout on campus.

UNI alumna Christine Stewart
Nov 05, 2019

Pushing an appreciation of prose

UNI alumna Christine Stewart is on a mission to spread to enjoyment of poetry as the new poet laureate of South Dakota.

UNI students research swallowing disorders.
Oct 24, 2019

Making it easier to swallow

Swallowing can be something we take for granted. We do it without thought. But for someone suffering from dysphagia, which is the medical term for a difficulty with swallowing, this seemingly simple task is actually an intricate dance between the many nerves and muscles that coordinate eating and breathing. A misstep can be the difference between life and death. For these individuals, UNI is there to help.

UNI backup quarterback Christian Ellsworth.
Oct 24, 2019

UNI quarterback joins NCAA huddle to represent students nationwide

UNI backup quarterback Christian Ellsworth will help influence the decisions that affect about 15,000 student-athletes nationwide as part of the NCAA's Division I Football Oversight Committee.

Monarch butterflies
Oct 23, 2019

UNI students help document a natural phenomenon

The once mighty migration of monarch butterflies is in a climate-change-fueled decline, but UNI students are helping collect data that suggests a positive change might be on the horizon.

UNI associate professor Nicole Skaar
Oct 10, 2019

UNI school psychologists changing systems and building communities

Mental health issues are on the rise in Iowa schools, but the school psychologists to help combat this trend are in short supply. UNI's School Psychology Program is the only state accepting students and helping meet these needs, and one of its associate professors was recently recognized for her work in the field.

UNI students help paint a mural at Expo High School.
Oct 10, 2019

UNI students help spread the joys of art

UNI art education majors are helping students paint a mural at the Expo Alternative Learning Center in Waterloo, gaining experience for their future careers while giving voice to a small population of students who may not have the chance to otherwise.

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