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Nate Bryant doing metal casting.

Foundry 4.0 Center inspires a manufacturing technology MS alum to return for his curriculum and instruction EdD

Amid the industrial drumming of sand printing machines and the click-clack of people excavating molds at the UNI Foundry 4.0, you will find a first-year doctoral student studying curriculum and instruction. Nate Bryant buzzes around the students learning metal casting, employing the teaching methods he is learning in his program.

Student gets tested on treadmill

What can you do with a master’s degree in kinesiology?

Wondering what you can do with a master's degree in kinesiology? We've got you covered! Find out about the many professions this degree prepares you for.
Student sitting in front of full bookcase

What can you do with a master’s of English degree?

Getting a master's of English degree isn't just for wannabe novelists. Find out about the many career opportunities that will await you!
Professional photo of Dr. Snyder

Athletic Training Program Director helps organize free clinic community partnership

Years ago, Dr. Kelli Snyder sat at an interprofessional education ad hoc committee meeting at Allen College. Little did she know that casually talking about the free clinic run by Allen faculty would flourish into one of the most eye-opening experiences for UNI athletic training graduate students. The free clinic allows athletic training graduate students to serve the Cedar Valley community by treating underserved patients. 

Eboni Springfield

UNI student receives inaugural communications and marketing scholarship from Strategic America

A University of Northern Iowa student is the first recipient of a new scholarship awarded to a UNI student by two UNI alumni.
Umar Chohan sitting in armchair, smiling

UNI’s trauma-informed care Master of Social Work program attracts students from across the country

The trauma-informed care specialization for UNI's Master of Social Work is so unique that it brought Umar Chohan all the way from New Jersey to Iowa.
Matthew Bancroft-Smithe standing in the Interpreters Theatre

A new graduate assistant brings his communication and media skills to the Interpreters Theatre

Communication studies is not just newspapers and rhetoric; Matthew Bancroft-Smithe’s work in the Interpreters Theatre is walking proof of otherwise. Bancroft-Smithe is a second-year graduate student in UNI’s Communication and Media program. In Fall 2022 he began a unique new graduate assistantship in the Interpreter’s Theatre, which is the black box theater residing in Lang Hall. Part of the Communication and Media Department, the Interpreters Theatre is a performance laboratory for performance studies class, workshops, and full-length productions. 

UNI graduate counseling students host first series of support groups for dementia caregivers

UNI graduate counseling students host first series of support groups for dementia caregivers

UNI graduate counseling students host first series of support groups for dementia caregiversThis semester, University of Northern Iowa students in the clinical mental health counseling graduate program had the opportunity to put their skills to work by facilitating support groups for caregivers of people with dementia. 

Homecoming parade

UNI prepares for grooviest Homecoming yet

UNI's Homecoming celebration is just around the corner. With the theme of That ‘70s Hoco, this Homecoming is bound to be our grooviest one yet!
Anne Marie Gruber

UNI Librarian empowers students to succeed

Much of librarian Anne Marie Gruber’s job is spent aiding students. Her favorite memories are ones where the library helps students overcome learning barriers. For instance, one graduate student never learned to type and was not meeting due dates. Gruber taught them about “speech to text” programs so the student could get their ideas on the page. “When I was able to identify some of the barriers for them and say, ‘hey, try this, this will make your life easier,’ and then they were able to succeed — that's what is gratifying for me.