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Walnut Street church

Bringing new life to a Waterloo icon

UNI alumni, faculty and students have joined a local effort to restore the beloved Walnut Street Baptist Church in Waterloo and bring the iconic buildings back to life as a community center.  
UNI professor Nicole Skaar

School psychology program gets national attention

A landmark program led by UNI professor Nicole Skaar could serve as a national model to help increase student access to mental health services, particularly in rural areas. Skaar, coordinator of UNI’s school psychology program, recently shared her insights at a virtual Congressional briefing. 
Statue of Hannah Duston

Re-examining history

UNI history professor Barbara Cutter has received national media attention for her research on recontextualizing the history behind a Massachusetts sculpture of Hannah Duston, a 17th century English colonist who murdered 10 Native Americans, including two women and six children.
UNI campus

UNI colloquium to discuss health inequalities in the age of COVID-19

The University of Northern Iowa welcomes the community to participate in a virtual panel discussion to address health inequalities in the age of COVID-19.UNI campus

The colloquium, taking place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 15, will bring panelists from across UNI and the Cedar Valley community to discuss their research and professional experiences related to health inequalities and the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNI history professor Jennifer McNabb

Who were the Vikings?

Vikings. Scourge of the sea. Pillaging and plundering their way through Europe. The feats of these legendary warriors have persisted throughout history and into the stories of modern pop culture, from the various appearances of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the popular television series “Vikings” on the History channel. Recently, Vikings made their way into video games with the release of “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,”  the latest installment of the popular video game series that follows a Viking raider through a conquest of England.

Kyle Endres, associate director of UNI’s Center for Social and Behavioral Research

Goya beans and Nikes: The impact of politics on brands

Kyle Endres, now associate director of UNI’s Center for Social and Behavioral Research, arrived at UNI this fall after postdoctoral work at Duke and Fordham Universities. His research focuses on a hot topic in electoral politics - how campaigns and interest groups are using data analytics to influence behavior.

Emma Slagle university of northern iowa

UNI JPEC and R.J. McElroy Trust helps family business grow in reach and confidence

Supporting our nation’s heroes isn’t just a passion for Emma Slagle and her family — it’s a successful business. Called Honor and Respect, the organization sells shoes and other merchandise and donates its profits to help first responders and military veterans’ mental health.  
UNI associate professor of school psychology Nicole Skaar.

New UNI program addresses urgent need for school psychologists

A new program from the University of Northern Iowa and Green Hills Area Education Agency will help increase student access to mental health services in high-need, rural areas of western Iowa currently struggling to hire school psychologists. 
Ice in the Arctic

Adapting to a changing Arctic

Perched near the top of the world on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, the coastal indigenous communities around the Bering Sea exist at the intersection of the modern and ancient worlds.

In many ways, life for these Russian and Alaskan villages has completely changed. Snowmobiles and motor boats have replaced dog sleds and kayaks. Tents and yurts have transformed into houses made from modern materials. People own guns and buy gas.

UNI associate professor Nicole Skaar

UNI school psychologists changing systems and building communities

Mental health issues are on the rise in Iowa schools, but the school psychologists to help combat this trend are in short supply. UNI's School Psychology Program is the only state accepting students and helping meet these needs, and one of its associate professors was recently recognized for her work in the field.